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Employee Management, no longer a hassle​

GoFace is an employee management system designed exclusively for helping store owners improve efficiency, reduce errors, and raise productivity


One month free trial

GoFace greatly reduces employee management cost

Automate employee attendance. Replace legacy punch clock with face recognition technology thatt’s easy to use and accurate.

Legacy Punch Clock

  • Fake attendance
  • Time-consuming hours calculation
  • No historical records


  • Match face biometrics
  • Automatic calcuate clocked-in hours
  • Activities History

Punch In & Out

Long queue

Lost punch card

Lack of aesthetics

Monthly Hours Calculation

Manually calculation

Human errors

Maintenance massle

Increase your efficiency immediately!

Significantly reduce

  • Labor time
  • Cost
  • Paper waste
  • Human error

Significantly increase

  • Ease of management
  • Productivity
  • Employee satisfaction

使用了GoFace之後, 一台pad就可以隨時知道當天員工的出勤狀況, 管理更簡易!


打卡方式改變, 也讓員工上班更有朝氣與活力的開啟一天!


月底員工的打卡時數計算變得方便快速, 讓我有時間想新的菜單!



AWS 全球最頂尖的雲端服務

GoFace 使用 Amazom Web Services (AWS) 全球頂尖雲端運算服務,確保產品服務的穩定與安全


GoFace 內部資料傳輸以銀行等級 AES 256 bit SSL/TLS 等資訊安全協議加密,完整防護公司與員工資料