Should I Choose Fingerprint ID or Face Recognition? Here’s a Comparison for HR Admins.

Most businesses now are using security cards when it comes to employee/staff attendance. However, not only are security cards easily lost/stolen, it never really solved a major problem: employees clocking in or out for others. As technology advances, there are more attendance systems at businesses’ disposal and are better suited for the modern mobile age.

Biometrics are now a mainstream HR tool for employee attendance, with fingerprint and face recognition being the most used. Let’s talk about these two specifically.

Limitations of Fingerprint ID

Fingerprint ID is the most widely used tool in businesses attendance systems. However, there are still many considerations if you are an HR looking to implement fingerprint ID into your system:

1. Locations: Most fingerprint ID devices are stored locally, so the employees cannot clock-in/out in multiple locations unless you pre-configure fingerprints. Also, it is hard to manage and calculate work hours when you have multiple locations as you have to retrieve them one by one.

2. Company Size: the more fingerprints you need to store inside a device, the more devices you need to buy and manage, this can create significant management and logistics burden.

3. Data Protection/Restoration: If one device malfunctions, all the data on the device is lost and cannot be retrieved, thus losing all your employee attendance records.

4. Data Integration: You need additional data integration tools and/or services, creating additional effort and delay to implementation

GoFace Face Recognition Advantages

We have collected 5 major advantages from businesses using GoFace:

1. Stops employees from punching in for others. No more manual errors or lost security card issues.

2. Fully integrated. In addition to attendance, GoFace also integrates wages calculation and mobile shift management for businesses with multiple locations and remote management.

3. Data Protection / Accuracy: All the data is stored in the cloud securely, and face recognition is extremely accurate and fast

4. Low implementation cost: get started with just one mobile device

5. Fast deployment: Add and manage new staffs for multiple locations/stores directly on your mobile phone.

GoFace is empowering businesses to focus more on growth and less on routine HR system, let us help you drive business!

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