Customer data security and privacy is always at the top of our priority at GoFace, therefore we have created industry leading security and privacy measures that will ensure your peace of mind.

Is GoFace Face Recognition secure?

Yes. High level encryption and tokenization of sensitive data are standard practices at GoFace. GoFace’ system is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS). GoFace offers 2048 bit SSL encryption for all data in transit, and one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), for all backups and image storage.

Payments are processed through our partner Paypal, one of the most used and trusted online payment systems worldwide.

Is my information private?

Yes it is. We do not use any personally identifiable information, and any face model we create cannot be reverse engineered.

What encryption do you use?

Your data is encrypted in transit with 2048 bit SSL. We use encrypted storage volumes, and our backups are encrypted as well.

Where is my data stored?

At Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure cloud— which is housed at multiple locations globally with industry leading data security, durability (99.999999999%) and availability (99.99%).

Do you sell your technology to government and/or law-enforcement organizations for surveillance programs?

No we do not and never will.

How fast is GoFace and/or our API?

Fast. We typically match faces or enroll images in under a second. Other factors that affect speed are internet latency, the size of the image, the number of faces in the image, and your use case.

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